Isla de Sol

Copacabana, Bolivia


Woo-ha! I made it across the border from Peru to Bolivia – not being too sure about the stable situation of the country I was well pleased to find that only the official capital of Bolivia, Sucre, was affected by the riots. The main reason being is that the people in Sucre want the government to come back to Sucre and not stay in La Paz which is known as the defacto capital. Consequently there were riots and a 3 people were killed by the police. At the moment the situation is stable but as you will see from the first places I have visited it looks nothing but peaceful.

Staying in Copacabana for 2 nights at Wendy Mar was a great treat after a long drive from Peru. I could not believe that the hotel cost us $4 per night and it was really lovely besides from the temperamental showers that have some odd electrical wires sticking out the top — mmmm electricity and water donĀ“t exactly go together me thinks!!

Lake Titicaca from the Bolivian side is way more beautiful than from Peru and with the local food kiosks overlooking the harbour you can definitely enjoy watching some beautiful sunsets over a cold beer. I did try some of the local Bolivian wine – which tasted of warm Ribena and the best bit was the alcohol percentage was….wait for it….0.05%. So much for warming up with a class of vino tinto.

It was not just feet up in Copacabana but a small trip out to Isla de Sol (the island of the sun). It was a 2hour trip across to the island before we went on a 6 hour walk across the island to enjoy some amazing views. Not for those that struggle with altitude but if you take it slow it is rather enjoyable – but you also have to remember that most boats leave at 4pm so not too much dawdling is allowed. The sun was well up for the boat trip back and it was a perfect end before making the long drive to La Paz the next day.

To ensure a great drive we joined local tradition and had our vehicle blessed by the local priest in the main square…bizzare but I had real fun decorating the truck for the occassion.

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