Its all about the salt flats

Uyuni, Bolivia

Once again it was a long drive from amazing dry and arid planes to surprising green oasis with willow trees to reach my next destination – Uyani. Pretty much a nothing town, solely in existence for the tourists making their way to the Salt Flats and ultimately Chile. It was a very small town with some walls surrounding the town but to be honest it looked like a rubbish dump!! Certainly no hygiene system in place here.

But I wasn´t here for the town but to experience the gorgeous scenery of the the salt flats. Taken their by jeep I looked in wonder at this white plain in front of me that certainly looked more like snow than salt. This sensation stayed with me for the rest of the day and when you look at my pictures you will probably wonder why I wasn´t wearing more clothes because it looks cold. I had a great day on the salt flats taking perspective pictures and enjoying the experience of nothing ness around you.

The day ended with a magic sunset across the salt flats and I hope my pictures tell you more of a story.

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