Argentine Patagonia

Argentine Patagonia
Puerto Madryn, Argentina


Having made it to the end of the world and surviving the cold for three nights in tents I was more than keen to leave this beautiful positioned town, Ushuaia, and head off in search of more landscape contrasts, sea life and warmer weather.

It took two days of driving, including a border crossing back into Chile and then back into Argentina to get to the next major town, Puerto Madryn. Along the way we visited a sea lion colony near Camarones before we camped by the coast for the evening. A beautiful sunset, campfire and the sounds of the sea were the perfect end to a long day drive. Having seen quite a few sea lions, it was off to Punta Tombo National Park to visit a penguin breeding ground. I thought it would be something like Boulders Beach in Cape Town but I was surprised to see how big it was – it went on for miles. Although a bit smelly it was fantastic to see all the little penguins waddling around.

Going from enjoying the sea life, I bizarrely visited the town of Trelew, a welsh village – yip in the middle of Argentina! There are lots of traditional tea houses and they certainly live up to the expectation of great tea and cake.

Puerto Madryn
Finally we arrived at this interesting seaside town with a beach that stretched for miles and lots of bars and cafes. We explored some of these and managed to dance on the beach until 6 in the morning – good going! The rest of my days I enjoyed the sunshine before venturing to the exciting town of Buenos Aires.

Puerto Madryn is mainly the main entrance point for the Valdes Peninsula which is famous for its marine reserves. Unfortunately I missed the trip out to see more sea life and armadillos as I needed to get my leg checked out at the local hospital. Not something you would want to do everyday but if you are ever in this town the hospital services was definitely first class and the consultation was free.

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