Moon Valley

La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is a great funky city and one with loads of character, from the great views to the witches market it has something to offer everyone. I spent four days in this lovely city, exploring, buying souveniors and experiencing the long waiting time at the local post office.

It was a time I got to know my fellow travelling companions over great meals and some good Bolivian wines — this time with a decent alchol percentage.

I also visiting my first Moon Valley in South America – apparently any geological wonder in South America is called Moon Valley so guess I will be waiting to be visiting the next one in yet another country upon my travels. Formed out of mud, the hot sun actually bakes the soil like clay and this is what makes it sturdy. It had been raining previously and one of our party did sink to there knees so I am not too sure how stable they actually are and sort of rushed through the formations to be on the safe side.