Enchanting Lopud Island

It looked like something out of a movie set
Lopud, Croatia

It took a 40 minute ferry ride from Dubrovnik to reach Lopud Island. It looked like something out of a movie set Рthis little town on the waters edge with sloping green hills behind it. It was very exciting that we РLynne (sister), Mike (brother-in-law) and I Рwere to spend our next week here and a bonus for us it has the only sandy beach of all the islands.

The first day on Lopud Island we tested out our Kayak’s before venturing in the water from Lopud to Sunj beach. It was a fantastic feeling to be on the water in the sunshine and for the first time in ages I actually felt relaxed. The day continued that way with a leisurely lunch of calamari and salad and then either floating in the sea or lying on the beach. What a life!

Raring to go the next day we tackled the island of Kolcep – it proved to be both a mental and physical challenge! The sea was quite choppy and we all took strain to keep ourselves focused in paddling in the right direction — lunch could not have come soon enough and we certainly could of had more time to rest before the long haul back to Sunj Beach. We all celebrated our successful 18miles challenge with a drink before tackling the steep hill back to bed!!

For the remainder of the trip we kayaked everyday exploring the islands around Lopud, enjoying some gorgeous sunsets and the company of some great people who were part of our adventure.