El Cajas in the rain

Cuenca, Ecuador


El Cajas – one of the most talked about places to visit by the people of Cuenca, I was not surprised to be bowled over by the amazing views and gorgeous scenery. I was surprised and reminded a bit of Africa when I saw the notice board giving the tariffs to enter the park. $10 Tourists and $1.50 Ecuadorians!!!

I went with a group of about 11 and we all opted to do the 4 hours hike around the mountains and lakes. When it started raining and then hailing I did wonder what we had got ourselves in for. The rain did not stop and soon our paths became rivers and you were never too sure on where you were putting your feet – thanks for gortex my feet remained dry for the whole trip. It was most fortunate that a cave presented itself just in time for lunch – so we could sit for a few minutes out of the rain and replenish some energy.

We did not see too many animals in the park because of the weather but I did get to see a Ilama – which I believe are more common in Peru!

Hope you all like the selection of photos – you have to admit even the rain could not detract from the views!!


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