The Town of Cusco

Cusco, Peru

The colours of the Inca flag certainly sum up the vibe of Cuzco but I don´t think it is just the Cusquena people that add to the ambiance but the curiously dressed tourists that visit this town. Dressed in all sorts of material – interesting pops into my mind! I treated myself to lunch overlooking the Plaza de Arms and although I cursed myself for not bring my photo lens with me I was not disappointed with the entertainment:

Taxi´s jammed with people – reminded me of “How many people can you fit into an Uno competition at Varsity” to the persistent Cusquena people trying to sell there wares. Yes we believe that for one Sol you can buy on original piece of artwork and we certainly don´t want postcards that look like they were taking in the 70´s. But the most entertaining of all was how each tourist acts different when approached. Some run away, some ignore and some just hand the first coin they come across just to get rid of them —very amusing. I guess my Africa roots have prepared me for the persistent and I can give a stern NO when needed.

I am also pleased I have my travelogue to keep you updated as I watched a couple at the restaurant write in book complete with cut and paste pictures —now wouldn´t that make a good story! At least now I can go on and on in short bursts instead of inviting you all to a show and tell when I get back.

Lynne it is weird that 3 years ago you walked these streets and I am glad I am able to share the same experiences as you – although the Pie de Limon is not so easy to find these days. Try pineapple or Apple!

The rest of the city has entertained me with their museums, finding Llamas in the street (yip they are only there to trap tourists into paying for photos) and a bizarre little man asking people to step on his scale to weigh themselves in the middle of the street (don´t forget to check out the photo) and traditional dances.

I can honestly say that I am truly relaxing here in Cusco – maybe it was the much needed facial that I received (oops sometimes we just need luxuries)

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