Exploring the Pantanal together with mosquitoes

Cuiaba, Brazil

The Pantanal was something that I had been waiting to see. Having had some long drives to get here I was more than eager to stretch my legs and see the some of the wildlife hiding out in this geographical basin. Lying in a hammock at the Pousada (lodge) – Rio Clarinho – pretty much felt like my Dad´s game farm: extremely peaceful with the sounds of birds and a slight breeze in the trees but disappointedly this is where the similarity ended as their were not too many animals too see. AND I really wanted to see a Jaguar! However the drives and walks were still enjoyable as we spotted Tuiuiu´s – a giant red neck stork, Hawks, Monkeys and some buffalo (much smaller and calmer than the African version).

The pantanal for me will also be remembered as a very hot and sweaty affair as we were forced to put on the long trousers and long t-shirts in order to avoid the mossies and did they come out! I was luckily enough to avoid getting bitten too much but what irritated me the most was the constant buzzing in your ears.

For the second night in the Pantanal we stayed in a lovely lodge with air conditioning and a pool – well I certainly felt like I was stepping up in the world! I especially enjoyed the warm pool water after a long day walking and horse riding. For those that know me really well I am sure you are surprised that I even jumped on a horse and yes my body was wondering the same thing. I concentrated so hard in keeping a brave face that I missed all the scenery!

Pousada Rio Clarinho – Kilometer 40 on Transpantaneira Rd, Campo Grande, Brazil

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