Auckland Times

Auckland, New Zealand


I am not sure how much I can elaborate on Auckland – you know been a city and all. But to be fair it does have its merits – beautiful bay views from almost every direction and definitely one of the most cleverest things the Kiwi’s did was build the Sky Tower. Not only does it add something to the skyline but it gives perspective and a sense of importance. No not the Tower, although it does ‘tower’ over everything, but the views are just incredible when you are up there and it shows how close the city is to it all – volcanoes, the harbour, waters, greenhills and a growing and buzzing city.

I spent most of my days in Auckland with my friend Angie who I have not seen for a over 5 years – so I got to see the real deal of living here – the suburbs. Filled with gorgeous houses with wooden finishing, porches, balconies and really big rooms (okay that is the London thing coming out). When I wasn’t walking down Queens street trying to find a warmer jacket for the chill, I was up the tower staring at the view from the Skytower and best of all sampling some of the local wines.

Boutique they call it on Waiheke island -which basically means they only focus on quality. Each vineyard was unique in their wine and making up the most of the views from the country houses. Being autumn everything was gold – the trees, the vine leaves, the sunshine, some of the white wines and the olive oils. Talking about olive oil did you know it could taste like pepper, thyme, apple and nasturtium flowers? Me neither – I guess you learn something new everyday!!!


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