Completing the Loop

Landscapes, nature and weather all contribute to making scenery dramatic, calming or just plain gorgeous

Queenstown, New Zealand

Landscapes, nature and weather all contribute to making scenery dramatic, calming or just plain gorgeous. I cant quite believe after 9 months of travelling these things still inspire me, still make me wake up every morning and rush to the window to see it all again…although secretly it is sometimes just to check if the sun is shining 🙂

My loop back around towards Christchurch took me to Queenstown, Milford Sound, Dunedin and Oamaru. Queenstown can only be described as cool, buzzy and certainly funky. It is filled with many tour operators offering you thrills that will get the blood pumping, test your mind and frankly sometimes scare you half to death. The adrenaline of completing one of these activities and or having been on the slopes for the day progresses into the bars in the evening making for a happy vibe. I will be honest the crowd was a tad young for me filled with many young 18 year old Brits – but no point in hating it I just joined in with the silly dancing fun.

Milford Sound looks just fantastic on the brochures – beautiful blue skies and calm oceans and I was quite looking forward to seeing this stunning place. The day I decided to take the long journey to Milford it decided to rain from the moment I got up at 6am until you guessed it the journey back to Queenstown. Our coach driver pointed out the sights in front of us but I couldn’t quite believe that Lake Te Anua is 65km in length when I could barely see into a meter of the lake. The drive did have it’s advantages though – I could catch up on some sleep after barely getting 3 hours the night before and rest my legs after all those hours of silly dancing.

Even through the rain and clouds, Milford Sound was spectacular with all its waterfalls, seals sleeping on the rocks and lions rock which was way more believable with all the clouds surrounding it. It was also my chance to get up close to the alpine bird – the Kea. Far bigger than I thought and very cheeky as it seems to love picking the rubber out of windscreen wipers.

After spending a day in Arrowstown I made my way to Dunedin, where I met up with a friend I had made at the bus stop in Blenheim – as you do. Dunedin is a town where you feel you have been transported back to Scotland – you can certainly see the Scottish influence in the buildings and then of course you get the Scottish Shops just to make it more realistic or is it weird. After exploring the historical buildings in the town I ventured onto the Otago Peninsular to see some wildlife and watch the yellow eyed penguins waddle up to the homes at dusk all the time calling for their mate.

My last stop in New Zealand took me back to Christchurch so I could explore the town, go and soak in the wonderfully hot, hot pools at Hanmar Springs and catch up with my friend Rach.

My last words on New Zealand is that it is indeed a beautiful place and I can well see why it has become a favourite backdrop in the movie world.

Accommodation: Sir Cedrics Southern Laughter Backpackers – 4 Isle Street, Queenstown, New Zealand

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